Friday, September 23, 2011

Craft fair season begins!

Fall is here (officially) today, and I'm not sure I'm ready! The good news is, the craft fairs begin in just a couple of weeks. We raise a lot of funds at these, and we'd love to have your support!

Here's our schedule again:

Oct 9 - Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (Ryan will be doing the fundraising for this one)

Oct 29 - St Raphael's Catholic Church

Nov 19 - Mistletoe Market, Wakefield HS

Dec 3-4 - Holly Days, Sanderson HS

We hope to have friendship bracelets available to give donors at these events, so please consider making a few for us!

After mid-October, I can do home party fundraisers as well. We'd love to tell you about all God is doing in Uganda, and how you can donate to help.

We wired the school fees for this term to Ray of Hope last week, including the funds for our 2 university students! Ten Eighteen is now sponsoring 36 Ray of Hope kids' school fees. Stay tuned for some bios and letters from the kids.

We will be wiring the funds to Hospice Jinja next week for the fuel for the remainder of 2011. With fuel costs rising in Uganda (as here) they are getting hit hard at a time they are trying to start a second mobile clinic unit, but we are benefitting from a strong dollar there, so our costs haven't risen much so far. I was so very sad not to visit with the wonderful people at Hospice Jinja this last trip, as they are some of the very best, most loving, incredible people I know.

I am hoping to be able to make a large contribution to the school in Bukaleba before year end. The funds raised during the craft fairs will largely go to the school, so we would love for you to consider making a year end donation. We are also trying to organize a benefit concert, although we have nothing firm yet. Details will be coming if and when it pans out! (As always, leaving it all in God's hands!)

Thank you all for your support! Reminder: If you are sponsoring a child, please send your monthly checks! And if you committed for another cause (grants for women, the school, etc) we'd love to get your check! Hopefully the Paypal link will work soon on the website, but until then, we have to rely on snail mail.


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