Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Taxes, fees and fuel costs... oh my.

Airfares have gone up significantly since LAST WEEK - this is due to higher gas prices and apparently a whole slew of taxes and fees that went into effect in Europe on 1/1/11 (fees have gone from an average of $200 to an average of $500-600!).  The travel agent is working on a group rate for tickets, but as of right now the trip looks like it will be $2700 rather than $2000. We are working hard to keep the cost down, and the airfare was always the wild card - which is why I'd like to get the tickets purchased, or a group rate locked in. Hopefully I will know more at tonight's meeting, and we will be working on various fundraising ideas as well. Please keep praying - it's God's money, and He will provide for all those who He leads to go.

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