Monday, October 18, 2010

Great fundraising events the last week!

What an awesome week it's been fundraising for Ten Eighteen and Uganda! We spent the weekend of Columbus Day in Florida, and had an awesome party with about 30 people. It was really fun, and over the course of the weekend we raised over $1600 in donations, with $725 of that for the school.

This weekend we set up a table at the Fall Festival of Our Lady of Lourdes, and got to share all about the school, the Nawezakana ladies, Ray of Hope, the school, and Hospice. Since the kindergarden class at OLL has used Nawezakana as their service project the last 2 falls, we had lots of families really excited to see how their donations had been used by the ladies to produce beautiful handcrafts. We received about $440 in donations from this event, with several people very interested in having me speak at other venues. So that was GREAT!!!

Thanks for all for your help, thoughts and prayers!

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