Sunday, February 21, 2010


Zeke and I leave in a week - Monday, March 1, at 4:30pm we will be winging it to London. We will have a short layover, then on to Uganda. I am very excited, especially that we are taking 3 suitcases full of clothing, medical supplies, and supplies for the women of Newezekana.

The picture is Page Colson, missionary from TN to Father's House, who works most days a week with Ray of Hope and Newezekana. She currently has malaria - please pray for speedy recovery!

So quick itinerary - not sure of the order we will do these things, but please be in prayer for them while we are gone:

* Visit to Hospice Jinja. We will be delivering bandages, surgical gloves, antibacterial wipes and other medical supplies to this facility, and staying for several hours. I confess to being nervous about this visit, as I am not a medical person for a reason, but I know clearly that the connection was made through the Lord's design, so I am trusting Him! Zeke and some of the teens from Father's House will be visiting a school/orphange in Jinja while Suzanne and I are at the Hospice.

* An outing with the kids from Nesco. Right now we are planning to take them to a local hotel where you can pay to swim in the pool, and then for ice cream. I spent time with these wonderful kids in September at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, where we did face painting, swimming in Lake Victoria, a picnic meal, and other games, and it was a blast, so I"m really looking forward to this! We will be delivering a bunch of clothing to them, also, and trying to photograph the kids for the website.

* Several trips to Ray of Hope. One of my goals on these visits, aside from catching up with Emily and visiting with the ladies, is to get a lot of pictures from Newezekana, Nomowongo (the slums) and the ROH school. Last time we were there I did get a few photos, but it began to rain, so that was limited.

Of course, we will be spending LOTS of time with the wonderful Father's House kids, and I will get updated pictures of baby Mark, who is now a fat and happy little guy. Zeke will be doing school with the older kids several days a week - pray for him! LOL

So - we are really excited, and thank you all for your donations and prayers. Suzanne and I will be planning the summer visit at that time, as summer is busy for them, so pray for the Lord's timing there, as well. As with last time, I might not be able to update the blog while I'm there - the internet, when we have it, will be very slow! But I will post after we return March 15, and (hopefully!) have a lot of photos for you all to see.


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